Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Impressions from the Linuxtag 2013

This year we had a project booth from Rex on the Linuxtag. I have to say that i liked it very much and i will try to organize a project booth next year, too. Perhaps in conjunction with a Rex workshop.

Because the project hadn't done a lot of publicity yet, this was the projects first booth on such a exhibition/conference. And i want to thank inovex to sponsor the banner, the flyers, t-shirts and the hotel for the project members.

We had a lot of interesting talks about configuration- and deploymanagement the pros and cons of a lot of other tools in this category and of course about Rex.

There where also some nice ideas how to extend Rex to make it easier for administrators (who don't know perl) to work with or to better scale to a large server cluster. I'm going to add some of these ideas in one of the next releases.

Most people didn't know Rex at all and asked to explain what Rex does in a few sentences. These conversations always ended up in a longer conversation (10-20 minutes, or even longer)

One interessing (or funny) thing i noticed during these conversation was, that american people (or people working for american companies) always asked about scalability (that was mostly the first question by them) and european people wanted to know how it works or how they can extend it (only a few asked about scalability).

This year i hadn't had the time to visit some talks because i was all the time on the booth. But from the things i've heard there was some nice talks.

So for the next time i have to plan a bit more better so that i can go to some talks, too :-)

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